Al Ghuri Mosque

Al-Ghuri Mosque is one of the most fascinating mosques in Cairo, located at Al-Moezz Street. It is considered as one building of Al-Ghuri Complex which contains Khanqah, Mausoleum, Sabil-Kuttab, and the Mosque. It was established by Sultan Qansuah Al-Ghuri in 1504 during the Mamluk period, Sultan El Ghuri was a Mamluk of a Circassian origin, and he ascended to the throne in 1501 during the Burgi Dynasty.


Al-Ghuri Mosque was built from stone and its principle, the eastern façade includes an elevator portal, accessed by means of a staircase with shops below it, and this shape of mosques called suspended mosque, the eastern façade  faces the mausoleum and the Sabil-Kuttab too.


You will enjoy your time walking in Al-Moezz Street with its attractive Mamluk landmarks, where you will be witness the greatness of the decoration and the elegance of the buildings, moreover you will see the main facade of the funerary compound paneled with recesses crowned with a rectangular shape, including windows of various shapes, the columns at the corner of the Mosque have capitals consists of Coptic and Byzantine styles too, as Mamluk craftsmen used  pre-Islamic designs in the Mosque.

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