Amir Qijmas al-Ishaqi Mosque

The Amir Qijmas al-Ishaqi Mosque was constructed at a district in Cairo that is called El Darb El Ahmar, close to a place called Souq Al Silah Street, moreover Amir Qijmas al-Ishaqi was a strong and famous emir and Sultan of Qaytbay, as well as he was trying to obtain the plot that was belong to Al Tabbana Street in El Darb El Ahmar district.      



Explore the Mosque and Tombe of Amir Qijmas al-Ishaqi with Flying Carpet Tours, as it was restored in the twentieth century, therefore it shed light on a complex that was one of the most expensive and valuable jewels of Mamluk architectures, as its façade has the ornate designing which was popular during the reign of Sultan Qaytbay.



The Mosque of El Shaqi was constructed by Amir Seif El Din Qijmas in the era of Sultan Qaitbay between 1479 and 1481, it also was constructed during the reign of Cicassian, therefore it shows the importance of the extensive designing and decorations at this time, consequently you’ll notice the charming constructer and decoration of this mosque that still stands in its shape and style till now.

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