Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque

Entrain your eyes and soul with Flying Carpet Tours when you go on a tour to Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque, as it is an amazing construction that was instructed by the fronds and trunks of the palm trees, it also is situated at Al Fustat, which was the ancient capital of Egypt, enjoy exploring its history which date back to in 21 A.H. and 642 A.D and it is opening nowadays to tourists and visitors.



Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque it is fascinating structure, it built from palm trunks and fronds, as well as it was the first fascinating Egyptian mosque that was built in all Africa, as it was the first headquarter of the Islamic Caliph, who is called Amr Ibn El Aas and this mosque is where they used to teach all the Islamic studies, the Holy Quran and spread Islamic beliefs and teachings, moreover there were a lot of marvelous houses and plants that were surrounding the Mosque of Ibn El Aas, but nowadays there’s no houses because the mosque is now overlooking the Nile River.

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