Bab El Nasr

Bab el Nasr is one of the oldest gateways of el fustat the old capital of Egypt at Fatimid Dynasty; these massive gates are called the Bab (gate) el-Futuh, Bab an-Nasr and Bab Zuwaila, Bab el Nasr divided into two great square towers, surrounded by a very fine arched gateway which is set back 4.54 meters, from their front face, at the back of latter is a great square bay, 10.77 meters long and 8.17 meters broad.



Bab el Nasr in English known as the victory Gate, be witness with the glory of gateway towers which built in three storey’s, the two lower of which are solid, the lower storey is 6.61 in height, measured from half round molding at its base, or 37 meters more if measured from the sill of the entrance.



Bab el Nasr is located east of Bab el Futuh and near to el Moezz Street beside Khan el Khalili Market, feast your eyes with ravishing decoration features which symbolize victory in protecting the city against invaders. Napoleon later named each tower of the north wall after the officers responsible for its security. The names of these French officers are carved near the upper level of the gates.

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