Juyushi Mosque

The Juyushy Mosque lies in the end road of El-Mokattam Hills which is close to a famous steer called Salah Salem, it has a charming dome and minaret that is constructed as rectangular shape and it is in the entrance of mosque, then you will find two rooms and each one is located in the sides of the minaret, as well as a small courtyard, moreover the minaret is beside the prayer hall, you will find two aisles in the prayer hall and each aisle contains three tiles, there is also El Mihrab which is covered with a cupola and pointed to the direction of Mecca.


The Mosque of Al-Guyushy was constructed by Emir Badr El-Gamal, he was called in Arabic "Ameer al-Juyush" which means  "The Commander of the Armies") during the Fatimid Caliphate era, it also lies on the edge of the Mokattam, therefore it have an amazing overlook of Cairo and Salah El Din Citadel, this mosque was described as a Mashhad or a shrine, but it was not used as a tomb at all, as it also is too far from the area of Qarafa.


Enjoy one of the oldest Islamic places with Flying Carpet Tours, get excited with The Minaret of Al Juyushi Mosque is considered as one of the oldest Minarets in Egypt, it also has a lot of amazing features, this mausoleum terrific, because it is the first building that includes a mosque and it plays a military role.

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