Saint Mercurius Church

The Sain Mercurius Church is situate in Old Cairo or this area is also called Coptic Cairo, close to the Babylon Fortress, Explore this amazing church with Flying Carpet Tours and find out many stories about Saint Mercurius, as there was a legend that narrated about an angel who gave a sharp sword to Mercurius to be able to fight against the Barbarians, moreover this church was belonging to the Seat of The Coptic Orthodox Pop of Alexandria during the 1300 and 1500 A.D.



Moreover The Church of Saint Mercurius has two separated churches, one of them is located over the other church, there are also several chapels that were belonging to a lot of Saints, furthermore the entrance of Saint Mercurius Church is heading to the narthex, which is isolated from the nave by a wooden screen and there are some pillars that is dividing that nave from the southern and northern aisles, therefore in the southern part there are many frescoes that were discovered in the upper church’s gallery and they were saved, the northern aisle has a door that was heading to the courtyard with three sanctuaries and a baptistery.

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