Mereruka Mastaba


Mereruka Mastaba is situated at Sakkara and it is characterized by its marvelous colours which are more beautiful than all the other mastabas at Sakkara and it is a large construction, therefore it looks like a huge palace, as it contains about 32 rooms, 21 of them are belonging to Mereruka and 6 are belonging to his wife Water-Khet-Hor.



Mereruka was one of the strongest Egyptian officials during the 6th century, when there were a lot of noblemen who were increasing in their power and wealth, therefore its mastaba is charming and has a lot of inscriptions that show the events of the Pharaonic history during his life time, moreover you will enjoy watching the charming drawings with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will explore the Mastaba of Mereruka and walk through three chamber which include many paintings the contain a lot of scenes of furniture making, goldsmith working and hunting, as there are many scenes of hunting several kinds of fishes and animal such as the cattle and antelopes, then continue to another chamber which was constructed for the holy sacrifices and this chamber is located at the end of the mastaba with six pillars, consequently the Mastaba of Mereruka is considered to be the most detailed and the biggest of all the non-royal tombs which are located at Sakkara.  

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