Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village is one of the most exciting places in Cairo that shed light on the ancient Egyptian civilization, as you’ll explore the Pharaonic lifestyle and arts with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to this flourishing village that explains a lot of Pharaonic traditions and culture such as the art of mummification, social development and their beliefs.



Pharaonic Village is suitable place for all members of the family, so, you can take your children to learn more about one of the most famous and greatest civilizations in the world, as they will enjoy watching the ancient Egyptian statues and discover their ancient life in a very attractive way.



This fancy village was constructed by Dr. Hassan Ragab in Cairo, moreover you’ll enjoy a relaxing sailing trip by a famous boat that is called Nefertari Yacht and view how the Pharaonic were mummified and why they made their attractive monuments that made many travelers come to Egypt especially to visit them, as well as gathering information about the methods of their constructions and pyramids.



Tourists often visit the Pharaonic Village to identify the most important information about the ancient Egyptian civilization in addition to gathering information about the pyramids and the construction methods in Pharaonic civilization, moreover you’ll enjoy many luxury services such as boat rentals, a children's playground, cafeterias and restaurants that serve both European and Egyptian dishes which make your stay even more exciting and comfortable.

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