Pyramid of Userkaf

Pyramid of Userkaf is located at Sakkara and it is a small pyramid, which is approximately 49 heights and it was constructed by the king Userkaf, he derived his name from the Pharaonic meaning which means in English”the power is in his soul”, as well as the Queen Neferhotep was his mother but his father wasn’t popular although his grandfather was famous, as he was the second Pharaonic king after Cheops.     



Enjoy getting back in time to the ancient Egyptian eras with Flying Carpet Tours, as you’ll have the opportunity to walk at the beautiful Pyramid of Userkaf, which was constructed close to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara, it also was constructed as a mortuary temple of the King Userkaf and as a chapel, the courtyard of the temple has a square granite columns in all the corners. Watch the fabulous two statues of the mortuary temple which were fixed, this temnple was situated at the southern side of the pyramid, which was un usual because all the other mortuary temples were mostly constructed in the eastern side, moreover a small amount of the left monuments whish were belonging to the Queen Neferhetep’s Pyramid.

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