Ahmed Shawki Museum

Ahmed Shawki Museum is famous for its fabulous objects of relics and it makes you explore the glory of the Egyptian arts, as this museum is dedicated in the honor of Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawki, who was one of the most famous poets in Egypt and he was also known for being "the Prince of Poets", moreover Ahmed Shawki Museum is situated in Giza governorate near to the Cornish of Nile, the museum holds an amazing bronze statue, that belongs to the great poet and dramatist Ahmed Shawki that stature is located at the garden of the museum and it was designed by Gamal El Seguini.


Explore one of the most famous Egyptian poets in the middle east with Flying Carpet Tours, wander at Ahmed Shawki Museum, which was expropriate and became a museum in 1972 to show us the grandeur life and works of the amazing Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawki, as well as the ground floor, where you will find Mohamed Abd El Wahab suite, which holds a majestic library containing about 332 books besides the poetry scripts, which were written by his own handwriting, The other floor includes the bed room of Ahmed Shawki, some photos and dressing table, in addition to another room that includes about 713 manuscripts of his own poets, photos, some antiques, and a collection of oil paintings.

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