Cairo Tower

Get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by going on exciting trips to many marvelous places in Egypt such as the Cairo Tower, where you will get astonished with its height and the marvelous sights that you will see from that high attitude, as you will be standing on the highest point at Cairo Tower, this tower is located at a place in Cairo which is called El Gizera, it also was constructed by Naoum Shebib at 1961, therefore it is designed in the most precious plant shape of the Ancient Egyptians life, which is called the Lotus, most important plant in the lives of the ancient Egyptians, the lotus, as a description of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Cairo Tower height it is approximately 184m, and it includes sixteen floors, each floor holds a charming panoramic view of Cairo, as you can get up there by night and explore the exciting and romantic life of Cairo at night, as you will find that beautiful city is illuminating in multicolored lights, as Cairo is well known as it is the city that never sleeps, consequently you will be amazed by trying the tower’s telescope to watch the marvelous sights of the Nile River, the amazing Giza Pyramids, the clear blue sky and the wide streets.

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