Pyramid of Amenemhet III

Pyramid of Amenemhet III is situated at Dahshur in Cairo close to the Bent Pyramid and it was called the Black Pyramid, this pyramid was unfortunately damaged because of some cracks that have been appeared in its corridor, walls and chambers, but the basic size of the Pyramid of Amenemhet III was approximately 75 meters height with an incline of 57° and a base that was about 105meters long.



Entertain your eyes and mind by watching one of the most attractive sites in Cairo, as you’ll explore many ancient Egyptian history and events with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to the Pyramid of Amenemhet III, which had been visited by Herodotus in the fifth century B.C, who gave us a clear description of Amenemhet III Pyramid at his time, he said that this pyramid has twelve covered courts, six of them were facing the south side and the other six were facing the north side, moreover half of them were located underground and the other half were directly over them.



Enjoy walking at the exciting mazes which are part of the pyramid’s construction, as you’ll find a network of many mazes inside this pyramid, as well as the several tombs which were belonging to the sacred crocodiles and some of the Pharaonic kings. The Pyramid of Amenemhet III was built basically of the mud brick like the pyramids which were building during the 12th century, therefore the roof of each chamber, gallery, courtyard and walls are all built of stone, as well as every court was constructed with white marble and they were surrounded by a colonnade, beside the walls were covered by carved figures.

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