Valley Temple

Explore more about the Pharaonic history during your tours to the Valley Temple with Flying Carpet Tours, as you’ll wander at one of the greatest landmarks in Egypt and the ancient world, which is situated near Cheops Pyramid and Sphinx, as well as the Valley Temple is distinguished by its fabulous designing and building, as it has a unique style in its construction.



Moreover the Valley Temple was very important as it was the main entrance of the complex of the Giza Pyramids and it was also used as a connection between the complex and the Nile River by a canal, as well as it was an important part of the funerary complex which includes a mortuary temple and a burial chamber, therefore the Valley Temple is a valuable place that contains a main hall that looks like the English letter “T”, it also was built by massive pink blocks of the granite that was fond in Aswan, mixed with a beautiful forming piers that are surmounted by a huge architrave.



Entertain your soul and eyes by watching the beautiful designing of the Valley Temple, as it has a charming designing and there’s a floor that was made of Alabaster and it contain about 23 statues of Chepren but unfortunately just one statue of these statues that was found, there were also a lot of chambers and some of them were built for the mummification of the king’s body and some for some gods. There’s also a Hieroglyphic engraves that tells about the history of this temple and made sure that the Valley Temple and Sphinx were already existed in the reign of the king Cheops, show became the king of Egypt for about 30 years before the reign of Chephren.

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