Aswan Botanical Garden

Aswan Botanical Garden is also known as Kitchener’s Island, because in 1899 Lord Horacio Kitchener made it the head-quarter for his army. Soon after the lord left the island it was given back to the ministry of irrigation and was then known as the kings island, and now this Island became one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Aswan.


Kitchener Island was given to Lord Horacio Kitchener, who turned the entire island into a botanical garden in the 1928, importing plants from the Far East, India and parts of Africa.


There is a huge variety of plantation and trees at the island, some of which is naturally found on the island before it was converted into botanical island and others have been brought in. it covers 6.8 hectares, the gardens are filled with birds as well as hundreds of species of flora.


The Island contains countless of exotic plants and trees, besides very rare palm trees such as the Royal palm tree, the Sabal Palm tree and the phonic Pam tree. The Island is a haven for rare exotic birds too.


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