Kalabsha Temple

The Temple of Kalabsha is located close to Lake Nasser, near the western end of Aswan High Dam. The temple dates back to the roman times , especially to the time of the roman emperor Augustus, later other emperor have contributed to the construction, such as kaligula and Trjan. It was dedicated to the Nubian god Mandoulis.


With the construction of the Aswan High Dam in the 1960s, the temple, which was originally located 50 km south of Aswan, was threatened with submersion under the rising waters of the reservoir (Lake Nasser), so the temple was disassembled and reconstructed at its present location.


The Temple is classical from the Ptolemaic period with pylons, courtyard, hypostyle hall and three room sanctuary. It has a large pylon, which is connected to the rest of the complex by a wall, creating a closed space.


There are stairs that lead to the roof, offering a great view of the lake and back up to the High Dam.


The Temple was originally built on much earlier site that dates back to the 18th dynasty and most probably goes back to king Thothmosis and Amenhotep II. The temple is considered among the most complete temples in all of of Nubia.



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