Al Hakim Mosque

Al Hakim Mosque is considered to be the second largest Egyptian mosques that was built in Cairo during the Fatimid dynasty, it was constructed in 990 A.D by the Caliph Al Aziz Billah and Al Hakim Bi Amr Ellah finished its construction, therefore it became the main Islamic site in Cairo, as this mosque was situated in the Islamic Cairo in the eastern side of the Muizz Street.



Enjoy exploring Al Hakim Mosque; one of the fabulous Islamic monuments in Egypt with Flying Carpet Tours, as it was instructed with minarets and stone façade, as well as this mosque is hosting a lot of worshippers who go there every week to perform their midday prayers, consequently it makes this mosque still alive and famous because it is very crowded in many days of the week and it is considered to be one of the most crowded mosques in the Islamic Cairo, which is also called the Old Cairo, therefore you can have exciting trips to the Old Cairo and explore its fabulous streets and history.

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