Djedefre Pyramid

Djedefre Pyramid is located at Abu Rawash which is a famous places in Cairo, it is also such an ancient Egyptian pyramid, that date back to the forth dynasty, as well as you will enjoy visiting the Pyramid of Djedefre with Flying Carpet Tours, due to its ancient great history, as Djedefre was the third ruler of Egypt, beside being Khufu’s son, therefore he had an important place in Egypt which is clear at his Pyramid’s ruins, as this pyramid is consisting of a complex that holds amazing monuments such as mortuary temple, enclosure wall, main pyramid, causeway and satellite pyramid.


Moreover this pyramid was built in beautiful stone but unfortunately there are many thieves that had stolen it, due to its valuable parts, as this pyramid was similar to the Pyramid of Mycerinus, which is one of the three Pyramids of Giza, so, when you go there, you will get excited by the mysterious designing of its construction, as it has a burial chamber that includes a fragment pink granite, as you will also find a part of a boat on the eastern side of the pyramid, although it was said that the remain of the boat hasn’t been found there, so, you will feel that you are in a mysterious places, which holds many secrets and Pharaonic stories.

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