Helwan Wax Museum

Helwan Wax Museum is located in Cairo in an area which is called Ain Helwan, it is not very known place in Egypt which is depicting the Ancient Egyptian history in the wax, it also is considered to be one of the most marvelous museums in Egypt, because of its unique features that shed light on the brilliant periods from the beginning of the Pharaohs era to the modern era, as well as the it includes a huge amount of the museum’s waxed statues which were meticulously and amazingly made, those fabulous statues are so clear to show the amazing project that is belonging to Egyptian professionals who were the reason of making that museum in the second place between the most popular wax museums all over the world.



Entertain your soul with Flying Carpet Tours by watching the great discoveries of Helwan Wax Museum, as the experts has classified the Wax Museum of Helwan as an educational museum, consequently you will find many Egyptian historical information which narrates a lot of important events that have been happened through thousands of years by a dozen of carved statues which were made in meticulously way.



The Helwan Wax Museum includes many statues about 116 ancient statues and 26 scenes that shed light on many historical events of Egypt, since the eighteenth dynasty during the Pharaohs era, till 23 July Revolution, therefore you will enjoy wandering at the waxed statues in the museum which will take you back in time as you will feel them true people with flesh and blood that are standing in front of you.

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