Taha Hussein Museum

Taha Hussein is considered to be one of the most famous and greatest Egyptian writers and intellectuals, he also was born in a village in the Minya Governorate, which located in central Upper Egypt and he studied in a traditional and old Egyptian place that was called Al Kuttab, which is same as schools, then he was admitted to the university of Al Azhar, where he studied Arabic literature and Religion.



Therefore Taha Hussein Museum is considered as one of the most important cultural and literary Museum, as it has all the books that belong to the great writer and figurehead Taha Hussein, consequently when you go there you’ll get excited by the amount of his history, education, literature and philosophy books.



Enjoy a cultural trip with Flying Carpet Tours to one of its fancy museums that shed light on the great Egyptian literature, as this museum includes more than fifty books which have been transformed from Arabic library to the Museum of Taha Hussein by an order of The Egyptian Ministry of Culture, when you go there you’ll find a bronze statuette at the entrance of the Museum which represents the top of Taha Hussein, this statue was constructed by artist Abdul Qader Rizk in 1936 and this museum contains two floors, the first floor is showing the study place of Taha Hussein and a large space to meet the politicians, writers and artists, as well as it includes about 7,000 books in his library, but the second floor consists of small hall and three bedrooms, it also has all the medals, gifts and items that he had received in his lifetime.

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