Gayer Anderson Museum

Egypt includes a big amount of marvelous museums, there are a lot of amazing museums in Egypt, where you will be delighted and excited by their great monuments and antiques and The Gayer Anderson Museum is one of the interesting and beautiful museums, the name of this museum is derived from a British doctor’s name that was famous in the early twentieth century, it also was named as Beit El Kertlia, it is situated near the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun in Cairo, although it was a normal house but nowadays  became one of the ‎most fabulous and amazing archaeological constructors in Egypt.‎



Entertain your soul with Flying Carpet Tours and walk through the most amazing discoveries of the fabulous Gayer Anderson Museum, Gayer Anderson designed the rooms and decorated them in several Oriental styles and make them full of many beautiful objects from his travels, he also has exciting objects that he got from Turkey and Iran, as well as other gorgeous Ancient and historical Egyptian items, Consequently you will find a big amount of drawings and paintings that were done during the twentieth century.



These archaeological places shed light on one of ‎the most precious parts of the Islamic instructors and architectures, therefore you will immerse yourself  by watching the grandeur of the double house museum, the first one is belonging to a rich man from Crete, who was called Hajj Mohammad ibn al-Hajj Salem ibn Galman al-Gazzar, and then it is called nowadays as ‘Beit El Kertlia’, the second one is belonging to Abdel-Qader al-Haddad, which also later is described as ‘Beit Amna bint Salim.

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