Beit El Wali Temple

Beit El Wali Temple is located about 55 km south of Aswan and it was dedicated to the worship of the gods Amun; the ‎King of Gods, and the god Khnum. It is one of the five temples built by Ramses II in Nubia as a sign of his control and influence in this region.



The temple was relocated after the construction of the ‎High Dam in the 1960s to another place which is higher than its original location to avoid ‎the damage of the water of the Nile, the same as the fascinating Temple of Abu Simble and the ‎Temple of Philae.



Beit El Wali Temple was carved into the rocks. It consists of an open courtyard that is situated in front of the temple; it also has a large pylon in front of the main ‎courtyard and the entrance inside the temple is in the same style as the Temple of Abu ‎Simbel, it also includes some chambers and then the sanctuary at the end ‎of the main structure with many colored texts and inscriptions and some scenes of the King during his fights.


The main structure of the temple is around thirteen meters length and six meters ‎wide making the whole structure to measure around 75 square meters, while the most beautiful and the most important inscription of this Temple wasfound on the southern wall of the courtyard and represents the king with his sons while attacking the enemy, who fled towards the village built in the forest.

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